Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Has a Problem.

The President of Argentina thinks that the government of the United States is out to get her—and by “get her” I mean kill her. Her quick and very public descent into what I can only think is madness has taken Argentina by storm. Kirchner has also suffered from various physical ailments over the past year or so and has only recently come back from an “unknown” illness. If all of this sounds ripe for conspiracy theories, especially in light of the recent CIA torture reports, it is.

What we do know for sure is that Argentina is in serious financial trouble. According to, the Argentine stock market, known as Merval, fell a further 7% this week. A lump sum of $12 billion in cash is due to creditors in 2015, the year de Kirchner will step down. Most of Argentina’s debt is being held by US banks and corporations, which the President of Argentina refers to as “vultures.” Currently Argentina is also suffering from a 40% inflation rate. To add insult to injury, de Kirchner is also being investigated for her family’s personal business dealings. Corruption rumors swirl around her family and these allegations, if proven true, could land de Kirchner in jail once she leaves office if a pardon is not granted to her.

It’s not clear if de Kirchner’s health issues are legitimate, related to stress, or a result of a CIA plot to kill her. However, she maintains, pretty wildly in public, that the US government, and the Obama Administration in particular, is out to kill her. She seems to place the blame for her country’s financial woes everywhere but with her own administration. What is clear is that de Kirchner seems to have become unhinged in a very public way. Yet, as wild as her claims have been over the past year or so, we now should not think of them as quite so outlandish. The blemish of the CIA torture reports delegitimizes any trust the world has in the sincerity and intentions of the government of the United States. Perhaps de Kirchner is not as unhinged as previously thought? Either way she is not dealing with the problems of her country, including her personal problems, in a responsible and realistic way. Argentina just may be on the verge of another economic collapse, and the ones who will suffer will not be politicians like de Kirchner, but the people of Argentina.


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