Visiting Kafka’s Grave

A reblog in honor of Kafka’s birthday. He would have been 131 years of age today.

c'era una volta

It was one of the things I wanted to do most while in Prague.

With a little research I found out that Franz Kafka (1883-1924) is buried in the New Jewish Cemetery and that it was really only a short metro ride from my hotel. So, after having spent my second evening in Prague reading some Kafka (purchased at the incredible Globe Bookstore, Prague’s biggest English language bookstore and café) and drinking some (well, many) bottles of Pilsner at a local pub, I made plans to visit Kafka’s grave right after the lunch session put on by the conference I was attending the following day. It would be my last full day in Prague and I wanted to see one or two places before leaving.

Although Prague’s metro is only about 30 years old, it looks and feels much older. It’s not nearly as nice as Washington, DC or Lisbon’s…

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