Please Pick Up Your Pants

Although spring has been slow in coming this year, the sun did manage to come out towards the end of last week and I was able to walk around campus between classes and office hours. I was immediately struck by the amount of male students I saw who still wear their jeans somewhere below the butt. If it’s one thing that really bothers me it’s this fashion style of wearing pants below the ass so that the entire world can see one’s underwear. I mean, really? Does anyone actually think that this style is attractive?

My plea is for male students around campus, and around the world, to please pick up your pants. Nothing makes one look more like an idiot that this style. Wearing one’s pants far below the belt-line informs the general public that you no longer care about how you are perceived by other people. The connotations are of laziness and a misinformed sense of style. That style, which was never really a “style,” went out a few years ago. As students you represent more than just your own identity; you are now a part of the collegiate community, therefore you represent that whenever and wherever you are.

I am not asking male students to begin dressing more formally, I am just asking them to take a little pride in what they wear and how they look. The simple fact of the matter is that anyone who wears his pants anywhere below the waste-line looks like an idiot, or at best a wanna-be tough guy. Looking the part is half the battle for a successful life. You are not in high school anymore, but are a university student, and I’m here to tell you that means something.

So, unless Calvin Klein is paying you to promote their underwear line (and for the record most of the male students I saw wearing their pants below the ass were wearing Hanes, or Jockey, or some other cheap underwear) please pick up your pants. Please? I am embarrassed for you.


One thought on “Please Pick Up Your Pants

  1. You are not in high school anymore, but are a university student

    Sadly nowadays university years (and in some case PhD years) are just an extension of adolescence.

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